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“We found an unknown life”, insists a Russian scientist

He denies members of his research team talking about contaminated samples

Saint Petersburg


A few days ago, the Russian delegation to Antarctica, which collected samples from the underground lake Vostok, announced that it had identified some unknown bacterial life forms whose DNA we have not encountered again on Earth.

Shortly after 24 hours there was a refutation by members of the research team who spoke of misjudgment and contaminated samples.

Now Sergei Bulat, a researcher at the Institute of Nuclear Physics

However, other scientists and especially experts doing similar research in Antarctic subterranean lakes claim that, from the available evidence, it is clear that the samples from Vostok became infected during the drilling process. St. Petersburg University and member of the research team returns and insists the discovery is valid. “We are convinced that we have found germs whose existence we did not know until today,” Bulat told the Nature Review.

Source: The Step Science link