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Thracian Museum of Education

A museum for education and training

The Museum of Education of the Society of Pedagogical Sciences of Komotini is a pioneering institution with extensions worldwide.

It was founded in 1992 on the initiative of Alexandros Ch. Kazantzis, Teacher – Lawyer and President of the Komotini Society of Pedagogical Sciences and covers a museum gap in the field of education in contrast to the multitude of museum presence of other cultural sectors and eras. The Historic 5th Kindergarten of Komotini was granted by the Municipality of Komotini for its housing.

The purpose of the establishment of the Thracian Museum of Education, as mentioned in a presentation document of the president and founder of the Society of Pedagogical Sciences of Komotini Mr. Alexandros Kazantzis, is the collection of all scattered material, publications, and school supplies, which has historical significance but also wider Greek area, which originates from ancient times until today and presents the historicity of this place. Its completion will be an expression of cultural heritage and a place of knowledge and research for every scientist and interested party.

The building granted by the Municipality of Komotini was erected in 1882 by the benefactor Hadjikonstantis Zoidis and his wife, “Epiroton”, as it is written on the built-in marble slab together with the characteristic inscription “Kindergarten”. It is located in the precinct of the Holy Temple of Agios Georgios Komotini. It was used as a kindergarten, hosted for many years due to housing needs the 5th Elementary School of Komotini, then the 5th Kindergarten of Komotini until November 6, 1995, and today is invited to continue its offer as a Museum under the title of Thracian Museum of Education. . It has two floors and its entire layout allows the installation of a library on the ground floor and museum material on the first floor.

The rescue of educational material that was used in different eras and today tends to disappear, especially in the Thracian area and beyond, is a serious cultural expression for future generations.

The museum

On the first floor of the magnificently preserved two-storey building there is a library, and on the second floor, the exhibition space with objects. Reading the guest book, one notices the emotion that surrounds the visitors, seeing school-age objects engraved in their minds. The museum’s exhibits include objects from the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as photographic material. You will see the old blackboard (familiar to the older students !!!), the wooden chair of the teacher, but also objects from the student meals. Student aprons, the owl hat worn by the boys, old desks, sacks and many other school items worth getting to know are among the museum exhibits.

Address: 25 Agiou Georgiou, 691 00, Komotini
Responsible: Mr. Alexandros Kazantzis Opening
hours: 10:00 – 14:00
Admission: Eleftheri
Tel. – fax: 25310.36.739 25310.26.009
email: mailto: epek@otenet.gr
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