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Myths and truths about the Greek language.

“A cousin threw a stone into the well and forty gnostics could not pull it out.”

This Cretan opinion is perfectly representative of how easy it is to circulate a bar and how difficult it is then to try to reconstruct it.

In the blog of Nikos Sarantakos that you can visit here we read his very interesting article about the myths that have been created and have been released recently about the Greek language on the internet, as it is suitable for such spreads.

Such myths are the so-called ancient Greek origin of the phrase abetablom of the kitheblom, the so-called “line” of foreign companies to urge their executives to learn ancient Greek, the alleged non-choice of Greek as the official language of the United States for one vote and so on.

Here is a relatively short audiovisual version of the article (approximately 15 minutes) that delivers very pleasantly and very clearly the essence of his speech, saving a lot of effort and a lot of time to the reader who is not used to reading extensive texts.

Despite the fact that a whole stream has been built on the meaningless barophologies that have been circulated about the Greek language and even by people reputable on the subject, it is worth watching the reasoning so that it can be “shielded” from such future efforts. .

And it is certain that there will be other such efforts as some have set as a goal and use as an object of study, the creation of false news and articles and the monitoring of their repercussions for reasons of art, research, or just for fun.