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I expose the soul-destroying abomination!

1299280786-4525007664Can you notice what the curiosity of the title phrase is? Beware, not of its meaning. The phrase itself, the letters that make it up has something unique.

The same goes for the following phrases:

I will no longer find gauze and myrtles in the golden clearing , and

Sapphire right bench, deep soul sign.

What is remarkable, then, is that the phrases listed above have the unique property of including all the letters of the Greek alphabet without exception.

In fact, the first, that of the title and until proven otherwise, is the shortest phrase that achieves this. It covers the 24 letters of the alphabet with only 30 letters while the rest do it with 43 and 35 letters respectively!

This interesting article was posted years ago and we read it on the blog of N. Sarantakos.

The link to read the full article is here

Source: sarantakos.wordpress.com