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Announcement of cooperation with ARKA

Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce that Black & White Publishing SA has reached an agreement with the unique and exceptional Greek comedian ARKA so that this year -we hope and in the future- it can offer to the readers of “GRIFOU” every week, starting issue 1819 released in newsstands on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 , full-page stories from the stunning series of “Low Flights” .

This collaboration, in the midst of important and multifaceted crises, comes on the one hand to signal the renewal spirit of the company through the successive material improvements that you will soon see and on the other hand to try, in the rather derogatory and leveling times we live, to transmit a motivation. his request for us all to go a little higher.

Because for us, through time and through each of his works, Arkas symbolizes a flight of the soul and the mind.

Arkas, apart from his design economy and the incredible verbal findings, which through constant reversals lead to unexpected outcomes of his almost theatrical strips, does not end up simply offering a high sense of humor. It conveys a philosophical view of human nature at all levels, using the reaction of each of its heroes to each of its self-existent shortcomings, successfully pretending to the limits of ridiculousness, thus finally entertaining time and the knowledge of the inevitable.

If we agree that all philosophers and thymosophists are in a sense heretics of life, then we must recognize that all the works of Arka are heretical and therefore offer for multiple readings, leading to interesting brain paths through each smile.

We wish you every week, in addition to the joy of dealing with the solution of our crosswords, the addition of this page to offer you another joy and satisfaction.

The publisher