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Thracian Museum of Education

A museum for education and training The Museum of Education of the Society of Pedagogical Sciences of Komotini is a

“We found an unknown life”, insists a Russian scientist

He denies members of his research team talking about contaminated samples Saint Petersburg VOSTOK.   A few days ago, the

A new mantle of invisibility “disappears” objects

A new very thin layer of invisibility “disappears” 3D objects from the microwave. A new and more advanced mantle of

After all this you still write Greeklish!

The destructive fashion of the day which is not at all innocent as in the coming years it will surely

Cheesecake, a Greek dessert!

Cheesecake is a very popular dessert in almost every modern world. Many people think that the sweet has its origins

The effect of the Internet on the brain

Never in history has a means of communication had such a far-reaching effect on our thoughts as the Internet today.

The Words… (By Eleni Choreanthi)

We caught the following article here , on the blog of the “Ermoupolis Reading Club” of the Municipal Library. By

The adventures of words

Have you ever considered the journeys and journeys that words make over the centuries? They travel from one culture to