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How to maintain or even increase your intelligence!

We all have a favorite hobby, a passion, an activity that we like to do in our free time. Others enjoy swimming, others prefer to play chess, while others just enjoy a nice movie on the couch at home. But have you ever wondered if some of these hobbies (and which ones) can enhance your cognitive function and improve your memory, giving you long-term benefits?

See below some hobbies that can make you… smarter, as gathered in a post on lifespan.com

1. Learning a foreign language

languagesLearning a foreign language, in addition to providing you with a deeper knowledge of the culture, history and traditions of a new country, will help you communicate better, faster and more easily. Ideally, it is good to start learning foreign languages ​​in childhood, but this does not mean that adults can not enjoy the benefits of this process. Learning a language helps to develop the brain and to solve complex tasks by training the brain. With a little practice you will find that your mind will sharpen, and you may even start thinking in a foreign language. When this happens, you will know that you have achieved your goal.

2. The electronic games

games-6The fact is that many of the electronic games on the market are not good for children and teenagers, because they are very violent. The “key” is to choose the right video games, from which one can reap some benefits. Numerous studies have revealed that video games can actually improve eye coordination as well as a person’s critical ability. However, this only applies to educational video games.

3. Crossword puzzles, riddles, riddles, etc.

kouizMany people nowadays report feeling something like “blurring their mind”. This term in English is referred to as “brain fog”. But there are games and mental exercises that help in these cases and work preventively. Crosswords, riddles, riddles, etc. are excellent mind-strengthening exercises that activate the brain and reduce the risk of dementia in later life by up to 60%, as several studies have shown.

4. The puzzles

pazlYou can often lose your temper when you can’t figure out which of the hundreds in front of you fits in, but puzzles are a great way to practice your mind. They make you think and mentally activate the brain.

5. The collection of coins or other objects

collectionA very important and interesting hobby that can make you smarter is collecting coins, or other objects. It will make you better understand the world around you, enhancing your curiosity and mobilizing you in search of the “pieces” you would like to include in your collection.

6. The reading

readingReading is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful hobbies out there. There are millions of books to choose from. There are so many that no one can read even 1% of those out there during their lifetime. The books offer a unique way to get to know and understand the world, boosting the imagination and offering a “safe haven” for those who want to escape – even for a while – from the reality they live. Reading keeps the mind alert, helps concentration and improves the vocabulary used.

7. Learning a musical instrument

musicPeople who know how to play a musical instrument have always been considered to be very charismatic and smart. Just like learning a foreign language, learning a musical instrument is very effective in childhood, however there are many adults who enjoy the process after their teenage years.