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GDPR Compliance

Our website and service, as well as our internal handling of information and communications, is strictly handled only for the requested information by our readers. We do not share personal, or contact information with any partners. We contact you only when requested by you to provide a service or to answer your questions. Contact information is kept only until then, and then safely discarded.

Our website contact forms are only there for your convenience. The content of our response may be used to update service or website content such as our F.A.Q., or blog and article content unless you forbid us to. And without sharing personal information of yours, unless you request it.

If any of this changes in the future, we will update our notice on our website and materials, and we will request your clear consent to receive any news from us via email. Until then, an option is to follow us on our up-and-coming social pages, after carefully reading their own privacy policies, and respective GDPR compliance. Our website, namely for BLACK & WHITE ΕΚΔΟΤΙΚΗ ΑΝΩΝΥΜΗ ΕΤΑΙΡΕΙΑ, Θερμοπυλων 7, 152 33, as such stores no private information whatsoever. And we do not track you, outside of the device and software you used to view our site.