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Since 2010, “BLACK & WHITE EKDOTIKI SA” undertook the publication of a significant number of historical titles in the field of entertainment and informative magazines, always with a high sense of responsibility towards the reader and the history of these publications.

My thirty years of involvement in the field of publications and typography, in addition to my technical knowledge, completed and consolidated my belief that, no publication can win the reader if not first loved and envisioned by the people who publish it.

It will not be an exaggeration to admit that it took me about two years of great effort in order to attain a deeper analysis and understanding, to a large extent, of the special character – purpose of the crossword puzzle magazines, on one hand, and the multidimensional body of the readers – solvers of our crossword puzzle magazines, in terms of age, educational level and preferences, on the other.

This effort would not be fruitful if you had not helped us with your constant phone calls, letters and comments. You, the solvers of the crossword puzzles, make up for our other half in this relationship.

At the same time, it would be at least an omission, not to mention and pay tribute to the large group of specialized people, carefully selected with strict quality criteria, that give their best effort daily, to accomplish the vision and the elevation of our relationship with you.

If we consider that the beginning of every healthy and interesting relationship is built on the acquaintance, then its continuity is determined by the love and the vision for this relationship, an important part of which is occupied by its longevity.

Being certain that you also want to contribute to the development and longevity of this relationship, at the same time, I am also convinced that you are aware that the progress and development of a special relationship like ours is supported, nourished and has a future perspective on the basis of one word. Communication.

Communication brings mutual understanding which in turn fuels the constant interest, thus fighting the chronic and self-fulfilling disease of relationships that is no other than repetition and boredom.

Having said that, for a year now, taking into account your occasional remarks, we are making a great effort to significantly renew the material (definitions – entries) of each of our magazines. In a special side column of our newsfeed, you can read more but also leave a comment, something that we deeply desire and seek.

With the creation of this website today, we make the step and create the space for a more frequent and essential communication between us. And it will be our great pleasure and honor for you to embrace it as your own.

Yours sincerely

The publisher