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How are cryptographic crossword puzzles solved?

Cryptographic crossword puzzles have no numbering of columns, lines, or words. They have neither definitions nor obvious words but only letter numbering and an obvious short word (usually 3 to 5 letters) as a keyword. Starting with the first letter of the keyword, we fill in the letter in any squares that have the same number. A good method not to miss a box is to check and fill in the boxes in sequence, one by one column or row. After filling in all the squares with all the letters that are visible, then we start to guess letters or words based on the letters that appear and their intersections. Some cryptographic puzzles have a table at the bottom with numbered positions for the letters, which help the solver use them as a reminder during solving. Some cryptographic crossword puzzles also have a featured person whose name appears on the crossword puzzle. Usually, in these crosswords, the position of the name of the depicted person is strong so that it can be distinguished from the solver and helps to solve the crossword even more easily.